The Facts

 Facts You Should Know About The Mumia Abu-Jamal Case

  1. Two months after Mumia’s arrest, police claimed he confessed on the night of the murder. But the arresting officer’s report stated that “the Negro male made no statements.”
  2. Cynthia White, a “witness” who testified that Mumia was at the scene, changed her story repeatedly, and a friend said she made a deal with police. Veronica Jones, another “witness,” admitted she was blackmailed into testifying by police.
  3. Within minutes of the shooting, four witnesses, each unknown to the others, told police that someone other than Mumia – who had been shot and severely wounded by Faulkner – had fled the scene. Police never investigated this suspect.
  4. Prosecutors got a mostly white jury by rejecting 11 qualified African-Americans.
  5. Mumia was denied the right to represent himself and even to be in the courtroom, despite totally inadequate counsel. His trial lawyer admitted that he didn’t talk to a single witness before the trial and never tried to raise money to obtain expert witnesses.
  6. There are at least 29 constitutional violations in Mumia’s case, including the fact that during the sentencing phase of the trial, prosecutors were allowed to introduce his membership in the Black Panthers as a reason to give him the death penalty. In another Supreme Court case, justices threw out the conviction of a neo-Nazi (citing Mumia’s case) because prosecutors used his membership in the Aryan Brotherhood as a reason to give him a stiffer sentence.
  7. The judge in Mumia’s trial, Albert Sabo, has sentenced 32 people to death – more than twice as many as any other judge in the U.S.
  8. The Philadelphia Police Department is one of the most corrupt in the entire country. It is the only police department to be sued by the U.S. Justice Department for corruption. There are more than 1,200 cases of police misconduct under review. More than 300 convictions by Philadelphia courts have been overturned because of manufactured and planted evidence used by police to frame innocent people.
  9. Pennsylvania has more Blacks on death row in proportion to its population than any other state in the union. An African-American man growing up in Philadelphia is 11.5 times more likely to end up on death row than if he grew up in Georgia or Alabama.



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