Mumia Wins Contact Visits with his Son, Jamal

From Keith Cook, Mumia’s eldest brother

July 15—After a year and a half the DOC finally approved contact visits between Mumia and his oldest son, Jamal Hart. This is an important acknowledgment by the DOC of Mumia’s right to contact with his family. Thanks to all who called, emailed or faxed the DOC to stop this harassment of Mumia. This shows the power of our collective action.

When Mumia was transferred to general population after 30 years on death row, the DOC denied contactvisits between father and  son on the absurd grounds that Jamal was a security risk! Nonetheless Mumia and Jamal had a four hour contact visit without incident a year ago–the first in 30 years. But afterwards the DOC insisted on enforcement of the no-contact restriction. The situation was stalled until you began the calls and emails.


(Jamal Hart Celebrating the Bobigny, France Naming a Street After His Father Mumia Abu-Jamal in 2012)

Now Jamal can have contact visits with Mumia—and bring his son and one-year-old granddaughter to visit. Mumia is a great-grandfather!

Mumia’s phone calls were reinstated on Saturday, July 13 and his calls to Philadelphia attorney Michael Coard’s radio program, “Courtroom Radio” (WURD 900 AM) have been approved.

As Mumia said when the state was defeated in its 30-plus year attempt to have him “legally lynched”—”the next step is freedom.”

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