Mumia Update: Academy Awards Campaign (NYC)

Greetings All,

A brief update on Long Distance Revolutionary and a call to action as we campaign to get Mumia’s story recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the Oscars…)

This could be a watershed moment…
As a major theatrical documentary release, LDR has jumped through the many hoops required to be eligible for the Academy Awards. The last hoop includes another week long run in NYC, this time at the Quad Cinema where the film will play twice daily from Friday, October 25 through Thursday, October 31.

From now through December when the “Shortlist” for the Oscars is announced, Street Legal Cinema is pursuing a campaign that will include new coverage of the film, Mumia’s life story, and his ongoing work and struggle. Brand new feature articles and reviews are being written and we will be on radio shows and in print media all aimed at getting on the radar of the voting members of the Academy, whose votes decide the Shortlist and the Nominations for the Oscars. Getting large crowds to come out for LDR at the Quad Cinema next month will be a crucial part of this campaign.

The more press we garner for the film in the coming months, the more we’ll get the film on the radar of the Academy members who can with a nominating vote launch LDR to an incredibly large and wide audience. Even getting on the Shortlist will shine a very bright spotlight on the film, offering prominence and mainstream visibility of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s story and struggle.

Please, let’s get the word out:

Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary

OCT 25-31 at the Quad Cinema

34 West 13th Street

New York City

We will be in touch as soon as we get the word that advance tickets are available for purchase. We will also be sharing marketing materials with you closer to the dates.
We are also reaching out to various well-known individuals (either in the film or supportive of Mumia) to join myself and Noelle at Q&A sessions following certain shows.

Thank you as always for your solidarity and support… more soon.

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