Released 71-year-old Angola 3 Member Indicted Again for 1972 Murder


Article by: Amber Stegall Angola 3 member Herman J. Wallace spent more than 41 years in prison and was released Tuesday by a federal court order. On Thursday, he was indicted again for the 1972 murder. The re-indictment means the process starts over. Wallace, 71, has terminal cancer. He spent decades in solitary confinement at [...]

Mumia Update: Academy Awards Campaign (NYC)

Greetings All, A brief update on Long Distance Revolutionary and a call to action as we campaign to get Mumia’s story recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the Oscars…) This could be a watershed moment… As a major theatrical documentary release, LDR has jumped through the many hoops required to be [...]

Philly GOP outraged over Public Enemy’s Mumia sign at Made in America


Mumia Long Distance Revolutionary Available Now On Itunes.


Greetings All: MUMIA is now available on iTunes, folks… you can purchase the film and download the HD version or you can rent the film. Please take advantage of this opportunity for Mumia’s story and struggle to be shared with a WIDE AUDIENCE. “’Long Distance Revolutionary’ is a blistering indictment of institutionalized racism and also [...]

Mumia Wins Contact Visits with his Son, Jamal


From Keith Cook, Mumia’s eldest brother July 15—After a year and a half the DOC finally approved contact visits between Mumia and his oldest son, Jamal Hart. This is an important acknowledgment by the DOC of Mumia’s right to contact with his family. Thanks to all who called, emailed or faxed the DOC to stop this harassment of Mumia. [...]

Assata Shakur Update- Beyond the News

Yesterday, May 2, the FBI held a press conference in Newark, NJ to announce they were (1) making Assata the first women on its list of most wanted terrorists and (2) raising the reward for her capture from $1 million to $2 million.  The FBI chose to hold this press conference yesterday as it marked [...]

Long Distance Revolutionary Opens In Philadelphia Friday, May 3rd


Long Distance Revolutionary opens in in Philadelphia on Friday, May 3rd at the Ritz at the Bourse (400 Ranstead St. Philadelphia, PA 19106) and will be showing daily at 1:00pm, 3:45pm, 6:30pm, and 9:30pm. “Puts a human face on its subject, for so long now just an anti-capital-punishment icon… also makes the case, COINTELPRO and beyond, that power is hardly [...]