About Mumia

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an internationally recognized political prisoner, author, activist, and journalist. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Mumia became active in community organizing as a young teenager and went on to become the president of his local chapter for The National Association for Black Journalists and Minister of Information for the Philadelphia Black Panther Party. After being arrested in 1982 in a murder case that has been highly contested by legal professionals, politicians abroad, and global human rights organizations, Mumia was placed death row for nearly 30 years and became an outspoken advocate against the death penalty. He is the recipient of numerous awards and high standing recognitions including being named an honorary citizen of Paris, France in 2003. Mumia has become the US’s most well known current day political prisoner and a global face for many of the issues that his case represents such as mass incarceration, political prisoners, the inhumanne factors of the death penalty, and press censorship. For the past thirty years, millions of supporters have protested, lobbied, and argued that Mumia was targeted for his political involvement and did not receive a fair trial. In 2011, the federal appeals court ordered that Mumia’s death sentence be vacated and sentenced him to life in prison. He has authored six books and hundreds of articles. Activists, educators, and organizations continue to fight for Mumia to released and exonerated. For more on Mumia please read his full biography and visit our sections on Mumia’s case, Resources, and Ways to get involved.

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