Mumia Update: Academy Awards Campaign (NYC)

Greetings All, A brief update on Long Distance Revolutionary and a call to action as we campaign to get Mumia’s story recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the Oscars…) This could be a watershed moment… As a major theatrical documentary release, LDR has jumped through the many hoops required to be [...]

Philly GOP outraged over Public Enemy’s Mumia sign at Made in America


Mumia’s Message to Chuck D


Last weekend Chuck D performed at the Made In America Festival with Public Enemy and used the platform to bring attention to Trayvon Martin, Mumia, Russell Shoatz, Assata Shakur, and the Philadelphia School System. As a sign of gratitude for Chuck’s acknowledgement and in celebration of Chuck being honored this weekend at the Paul Robeson [...]

Mumia Case Factors